Debugging Javascript?

Well this may be an obselete stuff. But i still find guys who are unaware of this Visual Studio 2005 functionality.

How many times have you got frustrated seeing a javascript error dialog in your browser while developing web applications? Have you ever tried to debug the client-side script? Is it really possible? The fact is, it is completely possible to debug the javascript code.

By making some changes in the VS2005 settings, it is possible to enable the IDE to debug the Javascript. This saves our valuable time to catch the bugs easily and to perform modifications, rather going through the whole code to get hold of the bug.

You can very well set breakpoints and do the same attach-to-process debugging with those scripts. Infact you can debug other client side scripts too, not only javascript. No need to bang your head against the monitor anymore! 🙂

Here is the MSDN link explaining the whole procedure – Debugging Client Scripts in VS2005.

Happy coding! 🙂

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