Console application – Change app.config based on build configuration

In many cases while writing a console application, we maintain all our application properties in app.config file which is the default configuration file added by Visual Studio IDE. Most of the times we keep all our environment related settings in this file which could vary from DEV to staging to PRD.

So when we try to release a build, we end up changing these values manually every time. Instead, follow the below simple steps by which you can target different app configuration file for the different build configurations in your project.

  1. Unload your project from your solution
  2. Right click the project node and edit .csproj file
  3. Search for the last PropertyGroup node and add the below node after that
<PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Release|x86' ">

The above element maps App.Release.Config as the default configuration file when publish a build in Release mode for x86 environments. If you want to targetAny CPU you can use the value AnyCPU instead of x86. You can add multiple nodes similar to this to target multiple build configurations and environments.


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