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Being involved in SharePoint technology only for a past few months, i’ve been in the process of learning all the core concepts involved in it. I want to maintain a reference list which can point to some useful articles which facilitates better understanding of the technology. I’ll keep updating this list which could help someone getting in afresh.


2 thoughts on “SP Links

  1. The posts here are great. Thanks for having them. I really get a lot out of reading web sites about the topic of CMS programs. There are so many programs. Which one have you found the most flexible? I don’t comment on many blogs but had to on yours. I don’t have time to read all the articles here right now, I found your site while I was researching something else on cmsmatrix.org but I have bookmarked the homepage and will come back soon to read more. Visit my site if you’d like to read more. Thanks again – great site!

  2. nlvraghavendra says:

    Hi Sofia,
    Thanks for your reply. Till now i’ve not tried any CMS program except the huge CMS tool – SharePoint.

    Checked out your site. Useful.


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