Intel DP55WB hangs on post 5A only during “restarts”

I recently bought the mobo DP55WB with i3 and set it up in my box. The service center guy assembled everything and showed me the bios to check all the other accessories i bought. I dint notice any glitch during the demo at all and i came home with the new rig cool-hearted. After i set up my operating system in i noticed that the bios froze in the post 5A every time and eventually ended up showing “No bootable device found”. But the sytems starts up nicely if i do a cold-boot. The problem was only with the restarts.

After lingering in the net for couple of days (yes, it took me TWO days!) i finally figured out that the problem could be with the SATA slot assigned for the SATA drives. I had a Seagate 1TB SATA HDD and LG SATA DVD writer. The slots assigned for these two devices were 5 and 3. This was the culprit. The bios failed to recognize the SATA drives in those slots during resets and was failing to the load the OS.

Simple solution – I removed the HDD and DVD writer and fixed them in the SATA slots 0 and 1. Oh my and it worked. Always use the SATA slots in the order from 0 to 5 to be on the safer side.

Hope it saves some hair for others!